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This is my donate page. If you want to donate to me please click the cup. I'm not actually hobo.

Well, I could be, regarding my situation. But if you click on that cup that really helps me. Seriously, I'm barely able to pay my rent, I have only have like 2 TV channels anymore, I now have to go in public places to get my fix of Internets, and I can't find a job partly because I have troubles in the same family as autism, I'm still at school mostly because I had nothing else to do than find a job, my little brother have some troubles with school and separated parents as well, plus we're waiting after some money from the government that never comes (mostly to help with my issues I said earlier, and it's just the tip of the iceberg...), in short life is pretty much hell.

Additionally, I'm working for free to make some cool and popular websites such as CodeWalrus, MLP Québec, I Lost the Game, soon-to-launch shortener 雪.ga and various other web experiments such as this very donate page (pretty cool, isn't it?), so if you liked them please give me something to feed me in return :)

Thank you :)

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